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ALu PET tape (EAA)

Aluminum polyester tape provides conductivity and electromagnetic insulation. PET film provides electrical insulation and high mechanical strength. About 100 ℃,EAA hotmelt resin has good result to PE materials after heating.


◆ Hotmelt resin has a considerable advantage to reduce the 70% of the thickness compared to the EAA heat sealable film.
◆ Professional glue for metals
◆ Wide range of application and easy to use
◆ RoHS and SGS standard


Aluminum polyester tape is mainly used on coaxial cables, signal cables, control cables, instrumentation cables, LAN cables, data communication cables, and most of the other communication cables.


Thickness Width Length O.D I.D
0.01mm-03mm 3mm-1300mm 1000m-30000m 100mm-1000mm 52mm/76mm

Technical Data Sheet AL+PET+EAA:

Constructure Total Thickness Weight (g/m2) Yield (m2/kg)
AL7 PET12 EAA25 49 mic 65 15.4
AL7 PET15 EAA25 52 mic 69 14.5
AL9 PET12 EAA25 51 mic 71 14
AL9 PET15 EAA25 54 mic 75 13.3
AL9 PET19 EAA25 58 mic 80 12.5
AL9 PET23 EAA25 62 mic 86 11.6
AL12 PET15 EAA25 57 mic 84 11.9
AL12 PET23 EAA25 65 mic 95 10.5
AL20 PET12 EAA25 63 mic 102 9.8
AL25 PET12 EAA25 68 mic 115 8.7
AL25 PET25 EAA25 80 mic 133 7.5


Constructure Total Thickness Weight (g/m2) Yield (m2/kg)
AL7 PET12 AL7 EAA25 59 mic 85.5 11.7
AL7 PET15 AL7 EAA25 62 mic 89.7 11.1
AL9 PET12 AL9 EAA25 63 mic 96.3 10.4
AL9 PET15 AL9 EAA25 66 mic 100.5 10.0
AL9 PET19 AL9 EAA25 70 mic 106.1 9.4
AL9 PET23 AL9 EAA25 74 mic 111.7 9.0
AL12 PET15 AL12 EAA25 72 mic 116.7 8.6
AL12 PET23 AL12 EAA25 80 mic 127.9 7.8
AL20 PET12 AL20 EAA25 86 mic 155.7 6.4
AL25 PET12 AL25 EAA25 96 mic 182.7 5.5
AL25 PET25 AL25 EAA25 106 mic 200.9 5.0
Note: Above values are the accumulative typical ones by recognized test method,but ensure you to select our products properly,please feel free to contact us for more details.
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